Crest Of The Military Wife
Actual Size: 15/15 by 15/16 inches

Crest Of The Military Wife
Actual size: 13/16 inches in diameter

Crest Of The Military Wife
Actual size: 8/12 by 17 inches

Crest Of The Military Wife

About the Crest of the Military Wife - The "Crest of the Military Wife" recognizes the unique contributions of the Military Wife to the strength and success of our Armed Forces. Throughout our long and glorious history, the wifes of freedom's defenders have made sacrifices, bravely faced daunting challenges, dealt with uncertainties, and endured hardships which have forged them into a single, elite sorority, unique in strength, honor, integrity, and patriotism. The time-honored tradition of selfless service by these "behind-the-scenes" champions of liberty has too often gone unrecognized.

The "Crest of the Military Wife" was developed to help commanders as well as soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen, at all levels, recognize and honor their wives for the strength and support they provide. It is hoped that it will come to serve as a badge of honor and unity, which military wives will wear with dignity and pride.

The "Crest of the Military Wife" is beautifully styled and rich in symbolism. Crafted in a manner normally reserved for works of official heraldry, it captures the essence of what it means to be a military wife in deep, well-balanced tones with gold trim. The "Crest of the Military Wife" is the perfect accessory to any attire at military functions, military wives' socials, or at any time when the wearer would have it known that she is proud to be a military wife. A striking parchment can accompany the crest, with hand-inscribed text explaining the meaning of each symbol. This exquisite work of art is the handiwork of the nationally renowned calligrapher, Dick Pearson, the official calligrapher of the Kennedy White House. The parchments is adorned with a medallion to recognize the appropriate service. When framed together, the crest and the parchment make a beautiful and priceless gift for presentation at Hails & Farewells, promotions, retirements, or any ceremony at which the wife should be honored.


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Actual Size (Inches)


Crest Only


15/16 wide by 15/16 high


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Set - Crest, Parchment Description with Service Branch Medallion (Army shown, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard also available)


8 1/8 by 17


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